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We at biras are determined to, with your help, contribute positively to climate change by offering fossil-free products to the wax market. The waxes we produce and sell have the same characteristics as stearin or paraffin wax, with the big difference that it's fossil-free and animal-friendly. We are based in northern Sweden and collaborate with local forestry organisations to ensure sustainability remains a core priority not only or us, but also for you.


How did it all start and how far have we gotten?

During the last 4 years, the unique chemical process has been developed and improved to fit the market's needs and the company is nowadays primarily driven by Per, Daniel, and technical advisor Professor Albin.
Since then, the team has grown with further (team members are introduced below).

Today biras is making final improvements to its Minimal-Viable-Product (MVP) factory and is preparing to provide value in a commercial scale. We have already been in touch with the market (businesses & consumers) and we see a strong need for our products in a mature market which has not changed much the past 100+ years.

biras is aiming establish to strategic partnerships and seek financing, to pave the way for bringing value to the market on a commercial scale at the earliest. 



Innovator & Co-Founder

Pers holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Lund University of Technology and is a certified secondary school teacher in 10 different technical subjects (including chemistry/ma/fy/technology). Per has previously worked at Ericsson Telecom AB and the Institute for Industrial Technology Research, among others. Per has previously carried out consultancy assignments in the environmental field on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the European Commission, among others. Per has successfully led international projects with up to ten participating companies from the US, Europe and Asia.


Business Development & Investor Relations

Daniel thrives in fast-paced environments and leads as an example through innovation and design thinking. He further has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a technical engineering background. He has successfully applied theory in practice with his extensive experience within consulting and has managed global teams over the course of his career. With us here at biras, his professional career is strongly focussed on Business Development and Investor Relations.


Scientific Advisor

Albin is Professor Emeritus of Physical Chemistry with extensive experience in the production of waxes from synthesis gas. Albin has developed completely new processes to optimize the yield of the processes used by biras. Albin has been granted some 20 patents in the field in which biras operates, and thus has a deep know-how in the field. Albin has developed the epoch-making plasma technology, which means that the yield from biras plants is higher than from competing concepts.


Technical Manager

Imrans holds a master's degree in chemical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. Imran has a background in the chemical industry, including the manufacture of waxes and polymers on an industrial scale.


Product Development

Kristina is a trained professional pharmacist, and has experience in new drug development, clinical research, and marketing and sales of skin care products.

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